Monday, December 30, 2013

Opening Statements

I am offering my rebuttal to the doctrinal ideas that many "Good" Christian believers of the Apostolic Christian Churches of America (ACCA) and Apostolic Christian Faith, Inc. (ACFI) believe in. I understand that there has been a major split between these two churches that started in the summer of 2012. There still is a drifting and sorting of people in those memberships. About 10% of the ACCA membership separated and formed the ACFI, which is approximately 1,100 members into the new ACFI.

I was a member of ACCA from 1985 until 2005. I lost my membership with the church, because of grievous sin; however, I still believe in Jesus Christ and serve him with a humble heart, therefore, I still count my membership in the full body of Jesus Christ as a true Christian. Some, precisely the ultra-conservative members of ACCA and ACFI, have hindered my beliefs and caused offense to me. Ultimately, God will be the judge over all peoples and he will make all things true and right. In the mean time, I feel compelled to offer my rebuttal to the dilemma of what is true, or false, doctrine circulating in the ACCA and ACFI churches.

I have read the blog spot: and find it rather resourceful about the doctrines of the churches. Bear in mind these were mostly ELDER letters and doctrinal statements of ministers in the ACCA church from about 2009 to 2012. They do contain material from long ago sermons and Statement of Faith, written and published by ACCA, in 1986. So overall, there has been a growing trend in the ACCA of separation and doctrinal divisions that have caused the latest schism in 2012, which was the beginning of ACFI. At this time, I thank the anonymous publisher of the blog spot to allow the public to be able to see how divisions get started and for history sake.

Now, as this blog spot lays out, I cut and pasted the letters from the other blog spot for the sake of continuity. They are pasted in as jpeg files with captions to tell my rebuttals. I hope this makes for good reading. Please write to me your thoughts about all this, if you are so lead of The Holy Spirit.

Thanks in Christ,
Leon Kaeb
Bloomington, IL